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Modern Hookah Culture & Tradition

Modern Hookah Culture & Tradition

Hookah has been a tradition in a variety of cultures for hundreds of years. Fortunately for people like myself, this tradition has spread beyond cultural backgrounds to people all over the world! This blog post will talk about what modern hookah culture & traditions look like. Enthusiast Community In my 6 short years of being […]

The SS INOX: The First American Made Stainless Steel Hookah


That’s right! An American made stainless steel hookah has finally hit the market. By American Made, we don’t mean assembled here or even made here with foreign parts. True to the B2 name, this hookah is made in America entirely of domestic raw materials. If you want to hear all things SS INOX, just keep […]

The Flavor Ban and the Fight to Save Hookah!

Save Hookah

Today’s blog will probably be the most important one I ever write so sit down and light a hookah, let’s talk about the future of our hobby. We’re talking about hookah education. I am not talking about how to properly enjoy a bowl, but the flavor ban and the fight to save hookah! The laws […]

Tobacco Available at B2 Hookah

B2 Hookah Shisha Tobacco

Let’s talk about shisha! For those of you who don’t know, B2 Hookah has expanded their website beyond just the products they make. One of these items is shisha and today we’ll do an overview of the tobacco brands B2 will now be offering, read it below on our new blog post, Tobacco Available at […]

The New B2 Blog : An Introduction

Hi! My name is Derek Moses and welcome to the B2 blog. Before we get talking hookah, I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and how I got here blogging about hookah. I am a 28 year-old entrepreneur based in Philadelphia. I have spent the past 6 years as a hookah enthusiast, during […]

The Sleeper Lineup – Underrated Hookah Flavors

A sleeper – something that is slept on. Something that’s always exceptional for what it is, but doesn’t get enough attention for one reason or another. Everything in life has sleepers, and hookah flavors are no exception. In order to help shed some light on some of the sleeper flavors out there, today we’re going […]

The 2018 Hookah Holiday Shopping Guide

Hookah Holiday Shopping Guide

2018 has come and is almost completely gone – and as such, the holiday season is upon us. As such, you’re probably wondering: what do I get the hookah lover in my life? Or maybe you’re being asked what you want for Christmas, and you have no clue what you want. Fear not, for we […]

Top 4 Things to Do While Smoking Hookah

Top 4 Things to Do When Smoking Hookah

Hookah is a wonderful thing – I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’re already aware of what a mesmerizing and obsessive hobby it can become. But at it’s core, and what I truly find hookah to be, is an enhancer. Hookah is something that makes something you’re doing already better. Watching a movie? Watch a […]

The HookahRev Interview

Jake Jacobson HookahRev

HookahRev – if you’ve been remotely involved in the hookah scene over the last few years, it’s likely a name that you’re familiar with. Jake “HookahRev” Jacobson was one of the original reviewers – and certainly the first person to bring hookah reviews to the mainstream, through the power of the internet. He might not […]

Alpaca Bowls – What’s What?

Alpaca Bowl - Hookah Bowl

As most enthusiasts know, there are a lot of different bowls companies out there. And with each bowl company, there are many different types or styles of bowls to choose from. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at Alpaca Bowl company, specifically. Alpaca is a USA based bowl company with a lot of […]