Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Where can I purchase B2 Hookah® or accessories from?

You can purchase B2 Hookah® from our website or dial our phone number and place the order over the phone. If you run into any issues on our website, please contact us via phone number or email and let our representatives know so that we can help you and make sure the problem does not persist for our other customers.

Where are you guys located and where do you ship to?

We are based out of Los Angeles, California and will ship anywhere in the states and internationally. Please email us or contact us via telephone if there is a certain country which you would like it shipped to. Our representatives will guide you in the proper procedures on processing the order and shipment.

I am a wholesaler and would like to purchase in bulk, do you guys wholesale?

Yes, we love to keep in touch with wholesalers are very interested in establishing relationships to wholesale our product. We are currently very exclusive and have limited quantities, please contact us via email at and we can answer any questions you might have.

I just received my hookah, how can I know if my product is authentic?

Every B2 Hookah® comes with its own specialized serial number. You can contact us via email with your serial number and the name of the purchaser and we will get back to you in regards to the authenticity of your B2 Hookah® .

Where do I find my serial number?

Serial numbers are engraved on the Base piece of the B2 Hookah™. You also have received an authenticity card which your serial number written on there. These two numbers should match. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What material are the products made?

Depending on the products, B2 Hookah® uses the absolute best in all materials. All our metals are made from high grade Aluminum. Our hoses are made from food grade silicone. Materials are covered in aerospace quality anodized coatings which give it the color.

What is anodized?

Anodizing is an electrolytic process which is used on metals to increase the thickness of natural oxide layer on the surface, the durability, and used to color the metal to the desired color.

Can I take out a piece of the B2 Hookah to shorten it?

Yes, B2 Hookah® was created for modularity, meaning that you can increase and decrease the height of the hookah by replacing and removing additional pieces. You will need the top piece at all times because that is where your bowl will be place along with your tray.

My friend has purchased a B2 Hookah™ as well, can we add our hookah’s together to make a super tall B2 Hookah?

Yes, B2 Hookah® uses the same threading throughout all their products. You can add more pieces and great a longer hookah or shorten them. Be on the lookout for new designs which will be sold separately, these you can just purchase the body piece and use it as an addition to your hookah.

The hose tip and purge are the same threads, can I add another hose tip and use 2 hoses?

Yes, you can create a double hose hookah using just an additional B2 Hookah® tip. When smoking with two hoses, you need to close one tip while inhaling the other and vice versa, or else you will not fully seal the hookah.

I received two trays, one with holes and a design and one plain, why?

Our B2 Hookah® Tray comes as a set of 2. The larger tray is used as the base and should be placed over the hookah first, the smaller tray with our design should be place after creating the gap and ashing feature. When ashing your charcoal lightly release it over the tray allow for all the ash to drop down to the larger tray. Do this with all the charcoals to increase the heat and vitality of the charcoal. Please be careful when handling charcoal, it can fall off the tray and burn. Make sure you always smoke in a safe environment and keep a clear surrounding.

Should I disassemble the hookah and clean it after every smoke?

Yes, we recommend that you disassemble and clean the B2 Hookah® per session as it is the best way to get the optimal smooth and taste. When disassembling you are able to quickly clean the threads along with the inner pipe using a brush. This will get out any flavor residue which might have leaked from the previous session. Dry the hookah parts with a dry towel and assemble them back.

I do not have a grommet for the hose, why?

B2 Hookah® has designed the hose tip and hose with identical angles creating a tight fit so that a grommet is not need. If you just place the hose into the hose tip and slightly tighten it in a clockwise direction you will notice that the piece will be air tight, so good bye grommets.

How much water should I add to my vase?

We normally recommend your stem to be .5″ to 1” inside the water. This is so that there is enough water to bubble, making sure it gets filtered prior inhale.

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