Azure Shisha Tobacco Gold Line - A Hookah Flavor by Azure 250g

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Flavor: Fun at the Beach
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Azure Tobacco is a premium hookah tobacco company from the United States. They select tobacco leaves by artisans who create ingredients form the beginning to the end to ensure the experience exceeds expectations and satisfies even the most demanding hookah enthusiasts. Azure Tobacco expertly handcrafted hookah tobacco is produced in California, USA. Each productions begins in USA, uses expert techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Quality ingredients and expert craftsmanship paired with sealed packaging, ensuring only the freshest tobacco.

Each 250 gram sealed package will retain moisture and flavors, so you can enjoy the perfect smoke.

Choose your favorite Azure Tobacco Shisha.

Comes in 250 gram pouch, each flavor will be individually sealed and wrapped to guarantee your freshness.


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