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Hello again, and welcome to another B2 Hookah Blog post. Something that often gets talked about in the hookah community is flavor, but something interesting is that categories of flavors are very rarely talked about. Think about it this way, there are tons of hookah flavors out there, hundreds at the very least. Think of all of the flavors that you enjoy - can they be grouped? I think so. Most flavors are going to fall into four major categories, with some exceptions of course. It's generally safe to say if you enjoy one flavor in a group, you're generally going to enjoy most of the other flavors in that category. So today, what I'm going to be talking a little bit about is what I find these four major categories to be, and what makes them what they are. So, without further ado, let's jump into it!


This one is pretty self explanatory, but it holds a special place in my heart nonetheless. Mint flavors are generally hookah flavors that have some kind of cooling effect, and have some kind of mint flavor, whether it be spearmint, peppermint, or even menthol. Mint flavors, in my opinion, are generally considered pure mints. Not flavors that have mint in them, like Al Fakher Orange with Mint, but rather flavors that are meant to be pure mint, like Al Fakher Mint. This category has seen a very unique revelation in the last two years - super mints. Ever since Pure Tobacco released their "FML" flavor, now called FML Green, the industry keeps trying to top itself, with flavors like Extreme Cane Mint, or Twice the Ice Extreme. Its brought out a new level of smoker, ones that I like to call "Mint Masochist", or lovers of disgustingly cold mints. I find myself to be in this category, as there's nothing I love more than being humbled by a bowl that's too cold. The mint category overall isn't for everyone on its own, however many people love to have mint flavors to mix.

FloralFloral Flavors - Flavors with Floral Taste

The floral category encompasses a few more flavors than just floral. I also include spice flavors in this realm as well. Floral flavors tend to be preferred by experienced smokers, as many new smokers don't appreciate the depth, and lack of sweetness that most floral hookah flavors are going to have in them. They're usually flavors that aren't sweet, they aren't rich, and they cater to a more refined palate for the most part. Al Fakher's "Rose" flavor is usually a good introduction to get into floral flavors, and Tangiers's "Kashmir" line of flavors is usually regarded as the king of floral flavors. In the spice realm of floral flavors, you can usually think of flavors like Afzal's "Pan Raas" flavor, or most of their Pan line in general. They're flavors that have notes of things like cardamon, anise, sometimes even things like basil, or eucalyptus. It's not a category of flavors that I would ever recommend to casual smokers, though once you find a floral flavor that you like, you're hooked.


Creamy & Rich Flavors - Rich Creamy FlavorsRich flavors are actually some of the few flavors that I don't find myself loving most of the time, however, many people out there are going to love it all the same. Rich flavors can generally be categorized as things like dessert flavors, or flavors that are meant to be very heavy. When I think of rich flavors, I generally think of flavors like Starbuzz Vintage "Tiramisu", or Trifecta Dark Blend "TKO" - things that are very sweet, but have a lot of depth to them. I generally find them to be a bit too heavy of a smoke compared to what I usually like, although they certainly find their way into my rotation once or twice a year. This category doesn't have a ton of flavors in its repertoire, however people go absolutely nuts for the flavors in this category.

FruitFruity Flavors - Fruit Flavors

This category speaks for itself, and it's by far the most popular. Fruit flavors can be anything ranging from a peach flavor to grapefruit. Most smokers are going to find themselves smoking fruit flavors at least once, if not for the majority of the time. Fruit flavors are prevalent in any culture, whether it be the college smoker trying "Blue Mist" for their first time, a traditional smoker enjoying some "Double Apple" yet again, or even just a casual smoker partaking in some Al Fakher "Grapefruit". Fruit hookah flavors are generally very easy to enjoy, and literally every brand under the sun makes at least one fruit flavor. Fruit is going to encompass probably 75% of all flavors in general, and of course you can divide it up from there into subcategories, but generally speaking, fruit flavors are enjoyed by almost everyone.


What do you think? Do you agree with my categories? It's safe to say that there's definitely a "Miscellaneous" category as well, though it's almost impossible to generalize flavors like that. Are there any categories that I missed? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! As always guys, thanks so much for reading, and happy smokes!

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