How Technology Has Impacted the Hookah Community

Welcome back to the B2 blog. This week, we're going to be talking about something that I feel many people don't think a lot about. Technology. Technology has advanced an insane amount since hookah was first created, and I don't think that enough people realize how far hookah has come because of technology. Sure, there's online ordering, and that's a great and impressive thing. But even beyond that, hookah is worlds ahead of where it would be without modern technology. We're going to go over why it's important, why it's awesome, and what drawbacks it may have with it.

Online Ordering

A lot of hookah has changed because of the ease and simplicity of ordering online, that much is for sure. But how does it effect the consumer in the big picture? Think of it this way. What would your smoking be like if you could only go to a local shop for supplies? Speaking from personal experience, all that I would have is CocoNara's, Fantasia, Starbuzz, and Al Fakher. I personally don't use any of these products, because I'm not satisfied with the quality that comes with them. But if it wasn't for online ordering, I wouldn't have anything except this available. Hell, I wouldn't know that other stuff even existed. Local shops that aren't catered specifically to hookah don't have the means to carry smaller products, or newer brands to the market. They stick with things that sell well because they have a name associated with them that can speak for itself. Now, this obviously isn't the case for every local shop. Some people are lucky enough to have immense selections to choose from, but even then, there isn't a shop out there that can stock every new brand to come out, every flavor from a brand, or every accessory that you can think of. It's not a feasible business plan, and I can't really blame local shops for not providing this. That's where online ordering comes in. Vast warehouses filled with every product you could imagine, every flavor, every hose, every bowl, every hookah. Now obviously not everyone stocks everything, but you get the point. Sites like Hookah-Shisha, 5starhookah, and HookahJohn all can survive because they cater to a much wider audience than a local shop could ever hope to cover. It's because of this that they can survive whilst stocking a wide variety of products. A world without online ordering is a world I wouldn't want to live in, and I imagine most of you reading this will feel similarly. Beyond even variety, transportation is a huge deal that doesn't really get talked about. People across the world can order from different vendors (that ship internationally, obviously) and get the same product that people in different continents are enjoying. I'm smoking some Tangiers Bug Powder as I type this. If it weren't for technology, would I be able to enjoy this bowl? Not without driving 200 miles or so. But the bigger deal is that someone across the world can also get this American made tobacco, without any traveling involved. That, to me, is a truly beautiful thing, that not everyone appreciates.

Brand Recognition

So even with online ordering, some brands, that are just starting out, don't get a lot of recognition without things like social media. Imagine you don't visit any kind of social media involved in hookah. No Hookah Enthusiasts, no R/Hookah, no HookahJohn's Circle of Friends, nothing. Would you have any idea that brands like Pure, Trifecta, or Ugly even existed? Sure, sites can stock these products, and even highly recommend for you to try them. But would you buy them solely on a recommendation of a site that's trying to sell you something? Generally no, you wouldn't. If it wasn't for social media, most people wouldn't know that these brands are worth buying. It's because there are real people out there that can vouch for these products, and many have an almost cult following behind them. Beyond this, people like reviewers have cropped up, people that take the time to actually talk about the details of products, and give dedicated opinions that can help inform consumers as to what they're wanting to buy. It's because of social media that these things can exist, and something that a lot of people take for granted. Many people would be smoking the same way their whole lives if it wasn't for this, and is a reason I encourage people to actively participate in these things, regardless of what platform of social media it is.

All in All?

If this hasn't really gotten through to you, think of it like this. The Kaloud Lotus? The innovative device that everyone knows and loves? Imagine life without it. Many people can't. If it wasn't for technology, and ways for new products to reach the market, the Lotus probably wouldn't exist, and almost certainly wouldn't be as popular as it is now. I've made a lot of great friends and connections because of the online hookah community, and I'm sure many of you feel the same way. Take a moment and appreciate what we have, because the online hookah community really is a beautiful thing. Yes, it's not perfect. But it truly has revolutionized hookah, and deserves some respect for being what it is. As always, thanks for taking the time to read, and happy smokes everyone!

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