How To Pack Haze
Haze - one of the most popular brands on the market. Haze is a brand of shisha tobacco well known for how well it takes heat, and gained notoriety for its "What-A-Mint", "5 Cents A Cup", and "Cucumberita" flavors. This week at B2Hookah, we're going to explain how we like to pack Haze, both in a phunnel bowl and an Egyptian bowl. Haze- One of the most popular brands on the market... The Phunnel Personal preference is everything, as we've talked a lot about in our prior blog posts, so you can pack Haze in whatever bowl you choose. However, I personally believe it performs best in a phunnel bowl. Why is this? Haze is a very juicy tobacco, and with using an Egyptian style bowl, I feel that you lose a lot of juice content, which translates to some flavor and cloud loss. Thus, I prefer to pack it in a phunnel bowl, as the juice loss will be little to none. IMG_0272

Today we're using some Haze "Lavish Lavender", from the Jazze Pha line, and the Goodfella V3 bowl.

What We're Working WithIMG_0273

Haze is a lighter colored shisha, as it is a modern tobacco with a honey binder. There are some stems here and there, but nothing that really hinders packing at all.

The Phunnel Pack - Foil and Lotus

First, we'll show you how to pack Haze in a phunnel bowl for use with foil.

Start by putting the shisha in the bowl; I usually take it between my thumb and my middle finger, rolling the shisha, as it removes the clumps as I'm placing it into the bowl. Let it fall into the bowl just above the rim, then lightly pat it down so that it's slightly below the rim.IMG_0279

It's okay if some of the shisha is touching the foil, so long as the majority of it is not.


Get your foil nice and drum tight! I like to use one layer of heavy duty aluminum foil, or two layers of standard duty foil.


Poke lots of holes! Hole pattern realistically doesn't matter that much, so long as you have enough to where you'll have proper airflow getting to your shisha. I generally don't poke any holes in the spire, as it doesn't help prevent anything except foil drag, a problem I do not have with this bowl. Once you're foiled up, you're ready to go!

The HMD Pack

Next, we'll show you how to pack for use with a heat management device, like the Kaloud Lotus or the Oduman Ignis. Start off doing the same thing as you did with a foil pack, roll the shisha so that it falls into the bowl. Then, instead of patting it below the rim, you'll pat it so that it's at the rim of the bowl, and making solid contact with your HMD.


You don't want it too high, otherwise the HMD will be sitting on the tobacco itself instead of the bowl, and will be more prone to burning. This also blocks airflow, as it clogs the vents on your HMD. Also, make sure you're not packing too dense. You still want it to be slightly fluffy, so that you can ensure proper airflow is getting to your pack. Other than that, you're good to go! Pop on your HMD, let it heat up for a few minutes, and smoke on!

The Egy Pack

IMG_0290IMG_0291Now we'll show you how to pack Haze in an Egyptian Clay bowl. This will vary depending on your Egy, as no two Egy's are the same.

As before, roll the shisha between your fingers and let it fall into the bowl, then you'll want to pat it slightly so that it's below the rim of the bowl, like so.

Next, you'll want to take a toothpick or a hole poker and clear out the holes on the bowl so that you have proper airflow.

Next, foil it up, poke holes (everywhere), throw some coals on, and you're smoking!

How Much Heat Should I Use?

Heat is a very argued subject with Haze. While Haze is one of the most heat-tolerant tobaccos on the market, it really doesn't need as much heat as a lot of people think it does. Four coals is overkill, and even though it can take the heat without burning, it won't smoke any better with more heat, and will leave you with a harsher and warmer smoke, if anything. Use three coals regardless of the method you're using, whether it be foil or with a HMD. At most, you can use higher heat coals, like Haze coals, if you want to put a little more heat on your session.

Are You Left In a Haze?

I hope this was helpful to those of you struggling with your Haze pack. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to drop them in the comment section! Haze is one of my personal favorite brands on the market, and hopefully this helps you get the best sessions with it possible. As always, thanks for reading, and happy smokes!

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