Pure Maracuja - A Flavor Overview

Maracuja - not a word that's common in the U.S. Rather, here, we just call it Passion Fruit. Regardless of what you call it, Passion Fruit is a delicious treat. However, it's not one that we see all too often in the hookah industry. So when I heard that Pure Tobacco, one of the industry leaders in blonde leaf, was going to take a stab at it, I knew that we were all in for a treat. And I wasn't wrong - Pure knocked it out of the park with this flavor, and it's easily one of the most unique flavors on the market at this time. Today, we're going to be taking a look at Pure's take on Maracuja - as well as what you can expect from the new and improved Pure formula.

The New And Improved

While Pure has stuck to their traditional and recognizable metal tins, their labels have undergone a drastic artistic overhaul with the release of Maracuja. All of the labels are now going to feature this new and improved design, and while that won't impact you in the slightest, it's a good way to know if you have the new formula or not.

A Brand New Blonde

Pure has always been one of the best blonde leaf tobaccos on the market, but they wanted to be even better, so they took it upon themselves to do a subtle revamp of their line. The biggest difference that I've found with the new formula is that it's much more heat tolerant. It was already a brand that took heat decently well, and now that has just been improved. While it might not be Haze's level of heat tolerance, where it needs pounded with heat from start to finish, it can take a good bit of heat with no issues whatsoever. It's also a bit lighter in color, really pronouncing just how blonde of a leaf this tobacco is. It also seems to retain excess juice a bit better as well, so while it still has a similar level of juice as it did, now when you finish off a pack, you'll find less wasted juice than you used to. It still has a very consistent medium chop, all throughout the packs that I've smoked so far.

Maracuja has an extremely potent smell. Just opening the package up will be enough to make your entire kitchen smell like it for several days. It has a very pungent, yet sweet smell simultaneously. Passion fruit is a hard smell to describe, and being that I haven't had one in well over a decade, I honestly can't tell you how accurate to the fruit this flavor is. I know that it smells similar, however this smells much more pungent than I remember the fruit smelling.

The Pack

 You'll still want to pack your Pure the same way as always: light and fluffy, up to the rim. The nice thing about Pure is that it's a very forgiving tobacco. You can pack it anywhere from fluffy to semi-dense and you'll still have a fantastic session, however I've found that packing fluffy tends to bring out the flavor in the clearest way. Here I have it packed in my Sahara Smoke Stone Vortex bowl, just as I described it to you - light and fluffy, right up to the rim.

The flavor on this is actually a lot different from the smell. While the core of the flavor is still the same as the smell, when you're smoking it, it actually takes on a very tart flavor, instead of the sweet smell that the tobacco actually has. It's a pleasant change, and the taste of the flavor is just as potent as the smell of the tobacco itself was. It will make your room smell like Maracuja for days to come (not that that's a bad thing).



While Pure has always been one of my picks for best blonde leaf lines on the market, their new revamp kicks them up a notch, and solidifies that spot even further. It's a brand that anyone from beginner to expert can smoke and enjoy, and while it may not have the strongest nicotine kick, it's still a wonderful experience that anyone can enjoy. And while this isn't a true flavor review, per se, Maracuja is an excellent flavor, and if you're like me and you really enjoy tart flavors like grapefruit, this is definitely not a flavor to sleep on. It's strong, delicious, and long lasting. Anyway, that's going to wrap it up for me today, but I'd like to know - what are you favorite flavors from Pure? Are there any that you'd like to revisit with the revamped formula? Are you excited to try Maracuja? Let me know what you're thinking in those comments down below! As always, thank you guys so much for reading, and happy smokes!


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