The 2018 Hookah Holiday Shopping Guide

2018 has come and is almost completely gone - and as such, the holiday season is upon us. As such, you're probably wondering: what do I get the hookah lover in my life? Or maybe you're being asked what you want for Christmas, and you have no clue what you want. Fear not, for we have your answers here. Welcome to the 2018 Hookah Holiday Shopping Guide - your list for every gift, perfect for every hookah lover out there. 

A New Bowl

Alpaca Bowl - Green Blue
Alpaca Bowl - Green Blue

One of the easiest gifts to get someone, and yet somehow still one of the best gifts you can get someone - a new bowl. Whether they're a new smoker or an experienced smoker, a new bowl is welcome in practically any hookah smokers repertoire. Now, when it comes to what kind of bowl to get them can vary drastically, depending on where they're at in they're hookah smoking life. 

If they're a newer smoker, something as basic as a funnel bowl may be life changing for them. I'm a person fan of Alpaca bowls and HookahJohn bowls for my funnel bowl needs. If you're not super well aware of what the different bowl names mean, here's a guide to all of the Alpaca bowls available currently. 

If they're a more experienced, or advanced smoker, while Alpaca and HJ bowls are fantastic, and they surely won't complain about receiving one, why not take it up a notch? Look more towards the artisan bowl market here - bowls like Stone, or Mason bowls. So while these bowls are more expensive, yes, they offer a lot of added benefits, like better heat reduction, added artistic effects, and, in some cases, being made 1 of 1. These bowls may take some extra time and planning to obtain, as they're often hard to come by. You can find a new Mason Shishaware release this Sunday, luckily enough, at 12:30PM CST, and a Stone Hookah Bowls release tomorrow, Friday the 14th. at 10AM MST. This is the best (and last) chance to grab these elite products before the holidays have came and went, so don't miss your chance!

A New Base


One of the small, little things you can change in your hookah smoking career is purely aesthetic - something that doesn't need to be done, but something that certainly adds to the aesthetic value of your pipe of choice. The obvious upgrade choice here is the boho (bohemian) hookah base. These are artistically crafted, and are some of the cleanest looking bases you can find on the market. Some of my personal favorite brands are ones like Egermann, BJ Glassworks, and Czech Mate

A New Hose

The Tymber Hose

One of the things that a lot of new-ish smokers forget to upgrade is their hose, and it's probably one of the most significant changes you can easily make to your smoking sessions. A lot of starter hookahs come with a cheap, unwashable hose that can rust over time. This is something that needs to be changed within any significant amount of time. 

But what kind of hose do you change to? Well, there are a lot of different options, much like the type of bowl you can change to. The first, and most significant upgrade you can get is to get a washable hose. This can be anything like a silicone hose like the B2 hose, to even a Narbish hose that maintains that old school hookah aesthetic. Or, if you really want to go balls to the walls, you could look at the beautiful Tymber hose, from Mason Shishaware. This hose has a lot of care put into how it looks, and while it might not function all that differently from something like the B2 hose, it's an aesthetic marvel, and it will floor any hookah enthusiast out there. 

A New Pipe

B2 Hookah v2 Small Size
The B2 Hookah (Lowest Level)

The obvious biggest you can go with any hookah lover is simple - a new hookah! There are a lot of options on where to go from here, as there are dozens of different types of hookahs out there. Depending on what they have, you could go to something like a Shika, if they have a basic Mya or something Chinese. If they already have a KM or Shika, you could look at upgrading them to something like a Regal stem, something that has a nice clean look to it, and smokes just as well. You could even go all in, and pick them up a B2, if you want them to have the best of the best (in my opinion, of course). Or maybe they have a great full sized pipe? In that case, it might be a great idea to snag them something portable, like the Shishabucks Micro, or the B2 Reaper bundle

Happy Holidays!

There are a lot of options to choose from, as I'm sure you've learned by now. Hell, if they've been naughty this year, they might even love some coals in their stocking (go Cocourth). Hopefully this list helps make finding the perfect gift even easier for you, as we all know finding the perfect gift is one of the hardest things you can do this time of year. But what do you think? Are there any products I missed? What do you want for Christmas? Let me know in the comments down below! As always, thank you guys so much for reading, and happy smokes!


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