The New B2 Blog : An Introduction

Hi! My name is Derek Moses and welcome to the B2 blog. Before we get talking hookah, I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and how I got here blogging about hookah. I am a 28 year-old entrepreneur based in Philadelphia. I have spent the past 6 years as a hookah enthusiast, during which I have built a collection with items from all over the world. Collecting is how I developed a love for hookah. Sure, smoking different tobacco and flavors is great but seeing just how different the hookah experience can be from session to session is what opened my eyes to how different hookah is from other forms of tobacco. In addition to being a collector, I spent 2 years as an admin for The Hookah Lounge Facebook group. During this time as a community leader, I learned what it was like being an influencer and how my words held weight. I helped run events and promotions and really became in tune with what the community was thinking about various products. Last but not least, I am a creator. I am the owner of Moses Hoses ( and we create the most custom hoses ever seen in the hookah market. We have been in business for almost one and a half years and have changed the game in terms of hookah hoses on the market. I’m sure over the course of this blog I will go deeper into my own product in order help explain other situations in hookah so I don’t want to go too far into that right now. I think I bring a unique perspective to this blog between being a collector, influencer, and producer and I’m looking forward to talking about a wide variety of hookah topics. Grab your hookah and let’s talk!

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