Alpha Hookah Model X

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Alpha Hookah Model X

Alpha Hookah Model X is a mid size Russian hookah pipe standing about 20" tall. This hookah is constructed from stainless steel with a removable diffuser. This hookah is small, light, and durable. The purge is very unique, creating an upward release.

This hookah does not come with a vase, so please visit our hookah bases to match yourself a base. Click Here for Bases


Alpha Hookah Model X

(VASE NOT INCLUDED) - Purchase a matching base here

Medium Sized Hookah

• Material: Polymer/Stainless steel

• Height: 16.5 inches (without base)

• Inner stem diameter:11mm

• Tray diameter: 7.68 inches

Comes with:

• Stem

• Tray

• Mouthpiece

• Grommets

• Silicone hose


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