B2 Reaper v3 Hookah Stem, Hose, Tray, Box, & Vase

Color: Violet
Sale price$199.99


B2 Reaper™ v3 Hookah Stem, Hose, Tray, Box, & Vase is designed using high grade quality 6061 Aluminum and machined with aerospace certified CNC machinists. Designed and made in the USA. All products come with a unique serial number and certificate of authenticity from our company.

Please contact us to verify any serial numbers you wish as well as if you have any questions. You can register your serial numbers on our website at the following link:

Register your B2

Each B2 Reaper™ comes with a unique serial number and an authenticity card to verify. If you have received a B2 Reaper™ and there is no serial number or you want to check the authenticity, please contact us and we will provide the correct steps to verify.

What is included:

B2 Reaper Body
B2 Reaper™ Stem
B2 Reaper™ Tray
B2 Reaper™ Hose
B2 Reaper™ Purge
B2 Reaper™ Purge Ball
Generic Clear Vase


Black, Gold, Violet, Turquoise, & Gunmetal.

B2 Hookah Reaper - Stem, Tray, Hose, Box, and Vase - Pre-Order Now!

Color options:
Black, Gold, Violet, Turquoise, Gunmetal

Order includes vase in photo.

The B2 Reaper™ is created for that perfect travel piece. With its micro setup, you can carry the Reaper anywhere and enjoy the same performance as any of our other products.

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