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Our patent pending B2 Hookah® Tray is made out of 5052 Aluminum and finished with our aerospace anodizing. This 2 Piece tray has a bottom tray which is a solid piece to hold the falling ash and an intricate top tray design which allows for air and proper ventilation of the charcoal. The inner circle opening is wide enough to fit over most hookah bowls where it can be used to put your fresh charcoals on top from the burner and easily place it over onto the tray. So no more walking over from the burner to the hookah with just tongs!

  • 11.25" Aluminum Bottom Tray
  • 9.25" Aluminum Top Tray
  • B2 Hookah® Tray Version 2.0 - In-stock!

    Our B2 Hookah® tray v2 has some fixes which we figured we would need after our first batch of trays. We have now stamped all our bottom pieces creating a plate like structure which fully catches all ash and is extremely durable. Our top piece now fits into the bottom piece like a glove, so no more rattling.

    Style: The styles usually change per batch, images shown are not guaranteed to the be the next style. We try to have every batch a bit different and unique.

    Black Bottom Gold Top
    Gold Bottom Black Top
    Blue Bottom Red Top
    Red Bottom Blue Top
    Red Bottom Gold Top
    Blue Bottom Orange Top
    Orange Bottom Green Top
    Green Bottom Orange Top
    Solid Orange

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