Bundle Deal - B2 v5 Original includes Vase, Mol Catcher, Bowl, Tongs, Foil, Poker & Charcoal

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B2 Color: Black
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Elevate your hookah experience with our exclusive B2 v5 Hookah Bundle! 🎁✨

  1. B2 Hookah v5 Original - Retail Value : $599.99

    • Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of hookah engineering.
    • Original B2 Vase included for a complete set.
  2. Urb Bowl Hookah Bowl - Retail Value : $32.99

    • Crafted for perfection, the Urb Bowl enhances your tobacco's flavor.
    • Ideal for a memorable and smooth smoking session.
  3. B2 Tongs - Retail Value : $19.99

    • Precision meets convenience for easy coal handling.
    • Durable and stylish, a must-have accessory.
  4. B2 Fork - Retail Value : $14.99

    • Perfect your hookah setup with the versatile B2 Fork.
    • Ensures optimal heat management for the best results.
  5. Cocourth Foil - Retail Value : $5.99

    • Specially designed foil for an even burn and exceptional heat distribution.
    • Elevate your foil game with Cocourth quality.
  6. 1 KG Cocourth Charcoal - Retail Value : $14.99

    • The finest natural coconut coals for a clean and robust smoke.
    • Long-lasting and consistent heat for extended sessions.
  7. Poker - Retail Value : $4.99

    • Essential for maintaining airflow and ensuring a smooth draw.
    • Keep your sessions flawless with the poker tool.
  8. B2 Tank - Molasses Catcher - Retail Value : $99.99

    • Elevate your hookah experience by preventing molasses from entering the base.
    • Enjoy cleaner, more flavorful sessions.

TOTAL RETAIL VALUE: $713.92+ // YOU SAVE $163.93

Unleash the true potential of your hookah sessions with the B2 Hookah v5 Bundle. Limited stock available, so grab yours now and make this unforgettable! 🌟💨

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