Musthave Hookah Shisha Tobacco 125G

Flavor: Apple Drops
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Musthave Russian Toasted Hookah Tobacco is a testament to the art of flavor crafting. This meticulously prepared shisha tobacco offers a taste journey like no other. Immerse yourself in the rich, toasted notes that transport you to the heart of Russia.

Carefully selected and processed, this tobacco blend ensures a consistently robust and satisfying hookah experience. The unique toasting method elevates the flavor profile, resulting in a deep, bold taste that lingers with each puff.

With Musthave Russian Toasted Hookah Tobacco, your hookah sessions become an exploration of Russian heritage and a celebration of fine craftsmanship. Take your taste buds on an unforgettable adventure and savor the essence of Russia in every draw.

Size Per Each Jar - 125G


APPLE DROPS: Savor the rich taste of refreshing candies with pronounced notes of crisp green apple and anise accents in this unique flavor experience.

BANANA MAMA: A sweet and delectable South American banana flavor, rich and irresistible, like biting into a perfectly ripe banana.

BERRY HOLLS: Indulge in the deliciously refreshing aroma of fresh forest berries, kissed by the cool breath of eucalyptus, a true forest adventure in every puff.

CHERRY-COLA: A tantalizing mix of sweet cola with the wild pulp of sour and sweet garden cherries, creating a unique sweet and sour dance in each inhale.

CRANBERRY: Explore the exquisite and tangy aroma of ripe northern cranberries, handpicked from the wild forests of Karelia.

FIZZY DIZZY: Enjoy the taste of a sparkling drink infused with the sweet and sour notes of barberry, delivering a refreshing and effervescent sensation.

FOREST BERRIES: A delightful blend with a distinct taste of freshly gathered wild berries, an authentic forest berry medley for your hookah.

GRAPEFRUIT: A delightful fusion of sweet and sour, combining the vibrant flavors of orange and pink grapefruit.

HONEY HOLLS: Experience the refreshing taste of a frosty winter day, with the warming aroma of sweet and tangy honey.

KIWI SMOOTHIE: An intriguing sweet and sour blend of Australian kiwi, enhanced with peppermint and apple juice, a tropical twist in every puff.

LEMON LIME: Revel in the sweet and sour citrus fusion, a delightful combination of ripe lime and juicy Sicilian lemon wedges.

MANGO SLING: Enjoy the taste of refreshing lemonade infused with Thai mango and a touch of spices and mint.

MELONADE: Experience the bright taste of lemonade crafted from watermelon juice, slices of juicy ripe melon, and the sweetness of barberry syrup.

MILKY RICE: Delight in the surprisingly delicate and subtle aroma of sweet milk rice porridge, a nostalgic and comforting flavor.

MULLED WINE: Sip on the taste of warm, spiced red semi-sweet wine mixed with slices of orange and apple.

ORANGE TEAM: Savor the naturally sweet and tangy combination of orange and mandarin in every draw.

PINEAPPLE RINGS: Immerse yourself in the juicy, sweet pineapple rings marinated in their own delectable juice.

PINKMAN: Experience the perfect blend of pink grapefruit and strawberries, accented with raspberry syrup, delivering a sweet and sour delight.

QUINCE: Delight in the sweet-tart aroma of ripe quince, artfully spiced with subtle notes of anise.

RASPBERRY: Enjoy the rich, natural sweetness of raspberry jam, a classic and indulgent hookah flavor.

SPACE FLAVOUR: Embark on a cosmic journey with a blend of mango, passion fruit, and lychee, flavored with rose petals covered in refreshing morning dew.

STRAWBERRY-LYCHEE: Delve into the velvety sweet fusion of wild strawberries and exotic lychee, a truly unique and delightful flavor.

TROPIC JUICE: Indulge in an unusually rich blend of pineapple and ripe exotic passion fruit aromas, a tropical oasis in every puff.

UNICORN TREATS: Relish the taste of sweet corn sticks paired with fragrant marshmallow slices and delightful creamy meringue notes.

CANDY COW: Delight in the sweet and rich aroma of creamy caramel, reminiscent of your favorite childhood candies.

CARIBBEAN RUM: Sip on the noble taste of rum crafted under the Caribbean sun on cane plantations.

COCONUT SHAKE: Enjoy the sweet and exotic aroma of fresh coconut, as if blended in the shade of palm trees on the ocean coast.

COOKIE: Savor the sweet aroma of crunchy chocolate shortbread cookies with a luscious creamy filling.

CUCUNADE: Relish the refreshing, vibrant taste of lemonade, crafted from cucumber syrup, fresh lemon wedges, and peppermint leaves.

FROSTY: Experience the delightfully invigorating and refreshing sensation, akin to a breath of frosty morning air after a fresh snowfall.

ICE CREAM: Indulge in the incredibly delicate taste of real ice cream with a soft, creamy aftertaste.

LEMON PIE: Delight in the delicate taste of warm homemade cake, kissed with the invigorating sour notes of fresh lemon.

MAD PEAR: Relish the intense sweetness of fragrant pear nectar, an irresistible hookah delight.

NORD STAR: Revel in the sweet and tangy flavors of North American Nord Star cherries, offering a truly refreshing experience.

ROCKETMAN: Savor the bright, refreshing taste of strawberry soda, beautifully flavored with kiwi and grapefruit slices.

SEA BUCKTHORN TEA: Immerse yourself in the magical aroma of ripe, juicy sea buckthorn, with hints of grapefruit and ginger.

VANILLA CREAM: Delight in the delicate and creamy taste of soft vanilla cream, a perfect addition to any dessert-inspired hookah session.

MAPLE PECAN: Enjoy the warm and flavorful combination of puff pastry, maple syrup, and pecan flavors, a comforting and delightful experience.

CHARLOTTE PIE: Experience the dessert-inspired taste of warm pastry filled with caramel apple, a true dessert lover's dream.

MANDARIN: Savor the sweet and warming aroma of citrus mandarin slices, reminiscent of a cozy winter evening.

BAIKAL: Embark on a noble adventure with a complex blend of forest herbs, wrapped in the aromas of coniferous forests.

BARBERRY CANDY: Relish the nostalgic, rich sweetness of your favorite barberry candy from childhood.

BLUEBERRY: Delight in the juicy taste of blueberries, leaving a pleasant berry aftertaste with hints of yogurt.

COLA: Enjoy the truly refreshing and summery flavor of carbonated cola, straight from the fridge.

FEIJOA: Revel in the delightful tart aroma of ripe feijoa, carefully grown under the sun of the south.

FIZZY DIZZY: Delight in the taste of a sparkling drink, enriched with sweet and sour notes of barberry, creating a refreshing sensation.

GOOSEBERRY: Enjoy the bright taste of ripe gooseberries, characterized by viscosity and a touch of sourness.

ICE MINT: Savor the bright taste of mint chewing gum with a rich, cooling effect.

MARULA: Indulge in the sweet and complex taste of exotic Marula fruit, native to Africa.

MOROCCO: Immerse yourself in the subtle, warming aroma of traditional Moroccan citrus tea with spices.

PARADISE: Experience the extravagant taste of caramelized banana, complemented with coconut flakes for a truly tropical experience.

PISTACHIO: Savor the exquisite, sweetish taste and delicate aroma of ripe, lightly roasted Rhodes pistachios.

RED BOMB: Relish the luxurious tart bouquet of fragrant southern pomegranate, with a hint of spicy bitterness in the aftertaste.

RUBY GRAPE: Enjoy the taste of a refreshing cocktail with a predominant flavor of ruby grapes.

SWEET MELON: Delight in the refined taste of juicy, ripe summer melon, the essence of a warm summer day.

WATERMELON: Savor the taste of watermelon, reminiscent of a hot summer: ripe, juicy, and moderately sweet.

BLACK CURRANT: Indulge in the bright taste of juicy ripe garden currants, freshly picked from the bush.

BLACKBERRY: Immerse yourself in the intoxicating, rich aroma of ripe blackberries, ripened under the southern sun.

CHOCO-MINT: Savor the elegant combination of dark chocolate with a gentle chill of mint cream, a true treat for chocolate lovers.

ESTRAGON: Relish the refreshing taste of the childhood drink "tarhun," crafted from tarragon syrup, fresh lemon wedges, and peppermint leaves.

SWEET PEACH: Enjoy the intense taste of juicy ripe sweet peach, a delightfully sweet and fruity experience.

VIOLET: Step into a flower garden filled with vibrant Violets on a warm summer's day, with an exotic creamy shake, a blend of flavorful blueberries, juicy garden melon, and a hint of exotic spices to tantalize your taste buds.

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