Different Methods of Packing a Hookah Bowl
When you bought your brand new hookah you didn’t knew that there is a right and wrong way to load your bowl with tobacco? If you don’t put the tobacco in a proper way, you may lose some of it and you will never achieve the fantastic taste you wished for. B2Hookah offers you a detailed manual on tobacco bowl packing, read and learn! [trx_quote style="1" bottom="mini" top="5"]Pack it so all the flavor is even through out the bowl, do not fill one side and not the other... [/trx_quote] First Step The first step doesn’t include the bowl itself. Pay attention because it is really important! First and foremost, you have to wash the hookah with water and rub it from the inside with a brush. After you have done this, simply dry it out and leave it somewhere to finish the drying process. Now assemble it and add some water. If you wish you can put some ice to make the taste better. First Method Now we are going to show you three methods. The first method includes overloading your bowl! This way of loading a hookah bowl is considered to be particularly easy. The only thing that you need to do is overload it but you have to keep in mind that if you wish to do so your shisha must handle a large amount of heat. Would you choose to use this way of packing, put the tobacco in and evenly distribute it using your fingers. Now roll the foil over, make some holes and you are ready to go! Second Method The next method is one of the most used from hookah aficionados. The density of packing isn’t that high and the tobacco that is used isn’t meant to overload the bowl. To perform this, simply take the ingredients and start putting them gently. Now stuff the tobacco slightly, but don’t overdo it! Overdoing it will decrease the density which will stop the air flowing and making the taste incredibly good for you. Third Method The third method, is the extremely stuffed tobacco way of packing your beloved bowl. In the process you have to increase the quantity while pressing it down a lot more! As we said, pushing it harder will decrease the air flow, thus why making some holes with a toothpick might be a good idea. This way there will be a lot more air, less unwanted heat and the incredibly smooth smoke is guaranteed. IMG_2902Fourth Method The last method is the funnel method and my personal favorite is the funnel method is used on an Egyptian clay bowl which does not have a funnel shape. You begin by placing tobacco onto the bowl. Cover the bowl fully without any dabbing. Make sure you wash your hands before beginning to create the funnel as flavor will stick back to your fingers quickly if it is juicy. Now, with your index finger and thumb, from the middle slowly begin squeezing the flavor towards the sides and rotate the bowl as you do it. You will notice that the flavor is sticking together, lightly compact the sides create the funnel shape and make sure your middle holes are clearly visible. Take any flavors out of the middle holes and place them back to the sides of the funnel style. Make sure your flavor has a bit of lip from the edge so when you cover your bowl, there is a gap. Now for the holes, there are two methods depending on the density of pack. One you can do your normal hole in the middle and all around method, or you can make holes only to the sides and leave the middle without any. This second method usually works well because it allows for you to make the holes if you notice that the smoke is a bit too clogged or heavy. These are one of the most commonly used methods. If you still don’t enjoy the smoke you get from your shisha, then it’s time to make an important change in your life and go with B2 Hookahs! They are made in USA with the finest materials. Our patent pending product offers innovative designs which features a self-cooling system, heat dispersion and a lot more! We will create a blog of each packing technique and will include some images along with it. Please stay tuned!

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