B2 Hookah - The New Hit on the USA Market
B2 Hookah is the new hit on the USA market for Hookahs. Designed by a young entrepreneur, it is a true state-of-art hookah. The hookah offers its customers modularity, thick smoke and easy cleaning. After months spend in designing and creating it to be as perfect as possible, the result was a high quality, modular hookah that you are going to enjoy for sure! There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for. - Milton Glaser Features The B2 is created in such way that it self-cools by letting air to cool through the metal. A special heatsink is used to absorb the heat, giving no chance to the smoke to lose its enjoyable smell and taste. The quality of the product is so high that you will never need to spend money on other hookahs. If you ever get bored with you current one, then no problems! We have designed separate custom designed & beautiful pipes that will increase the length and the outlook of the B2! B2 Hookah™ Patent This hookah is made in the USA and it is awaiting a patent for it’s features and extremely wonderful design that can’t be seen anywhere. Even in countries like Egypt and Dubai where hookah smoking is traditionally smoked, daily. Easily Cleaned The smoking aficionado can easily disassemble his favorite toy and run water through it to clean it. By using a light brush you can make sure that all pieces are cleaned. Once this majestic product is clean all you have to do is dry it and store it in its carrying case, which is included. Other Products On B2Hookah.com you can find the rest of our growing assortment. It contains of a B2 Metal Hose that is made out of 6061 Aluminum and food grade silicone. The B2 Tray is another patent pending product of ours that is made from 5052 aluminum with anodized coloring. This tray is used for the general smoke and it is a 2 piece set. The bottom part is used to grab and hold the ash during your precious smoke, while the top one is taking the ash from you charcoals, allowing them to burn even from all sides. B2 Tongs are once again made from aluminum and their part in the smoking is preventing you from burning yourself. The material is strengthened by anodizing the tongs. Shipping Our company uses standard shipping rates, which are applied during checkouts from the website. The item is not standard and due to its weight and shipping box size, prices may vary from one carrier to another. If you are in need of international shipping, please provide us with your exact address and we will provide you with a quote, after we check the best shipping methods. After all, we strive for your complete satisfaction when using our products. We don’t want to make it a part of your storage and never use it again. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.
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