Pure FML Red Review

Hello to all of you hookah enthusiasts! Today we're going to be talking a little bit about a new flavor that has hit the market, and is creating quite a buzz. The flavor in question? Pure Tobacco's new "FML Red". Pure Tobacco gained a ton of popularity in late 2014 for their "FML" flavor, which is now known as "FML Green" since the release of "FML Red". "FML Green", which stands for "Fuck My Lungs, was the first "super-mint" to hit the market, and created a lot of excitement in the hookah community due to how strong of a mint was. Many consider it "unsmokeable" for the first twenty minutes. "FML Red" is a continuation of "FML Green" in spirit, as it's meant to be another "super-mint".


The Cut

"FML Red", as seen on the right, has a very natural tobacco look to it, a very Pure look, if you'll endure my pun. Its cut is very nicely chopped; not too finely chopped, but no big stems of which to speak. There's a lot of juice to it, but as long as you mix your tobacco well before making a bowl, you'll be good to go. IMG_0077

It has a very potent peppermint flavor right on the foreground of the aroma, and almost punches your nostrils with it. It's a very pleasant smell, and it reminds me of a candy-cane on steroids.

IMG_0073          The Pack

Here I have it packed in my StoneFit Genesis bowl. With Pure, I like to do a nice fluff pack for shorter sessions, or a semi-dense pack if I want to go a few rounds of coals with full flavor. The fluff pack demonstrated here lasted me roughly an hour or so, which is basically the length of one round of coals.

The Flavor

This flavor earns its "FML" name, as for the first twenty minutes or so, you'll be bombarded by a very in-your-face candy-cane explosion. For some, it's too much. For me, it's not enough. I'm a big fan of peppermint flavors, so this really hits home for me. After around the 20 minute mark, the shisha starts to lose its cooling effect, almost disappearing completely by the 45 minute mark. The minty cooling effect from "FML Green" is absolutely still present in this flavor, but I'd say it's slightly less cooling, comparatively. While the cooling effect starts dying down, the peppermint flavor stays prevalent throughout the session, and can go two to three rounds of coals with a semi-dense pack. There's no buzz of note with this flavor, as it is a washed tobacco.


In a world where "super-mints" have become an increasingly common phrase, "FML Red" holds its own among the pantheon of other great mint flavors. I personally prefer this by far to its predecessor, but I feel like the cooling aspect and the flavor could be even stronger. This flavor really caters to those of you who enjoy a nice mint, but don't quite consider yourself mint masochists (look to Trifecta Tobacco's "Twice The Ice Extreme" for that). It's a very pleasant mint that I think just about anyone can enjoy, whether it be on its own or as a mixer. The mixing capabilities for peppermint as it stands are almost infinite, and this flavor is no exception. Pure did a great job with "FML Red" as a follow up to their breakout hit, and I can't wait to see what other flavors get added to the "FML" line.

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