Pure Lemon Mint Review and Packing Method

This week, we're going to be taking a look at another Pure flavor. The flavor in question is Lemon Mint, which has caused quite a stir in the hookah community as of late. We're going to not only be talking about the flavor itself, but also how we at B2 like to pack our Pure.    


The Cut

Pure Tobacco has a very natural looking tobacco, as it is Virginia tobacco. It's rather finely chopped, and has more than enough juice, so make sure to mix your shisha well before packing. There are some stems here and there, but they're chopped finely along with the leaves so you won't have a problem with them. This smells, to be frank, like Lemon Pledge. However, that's not a bad thing. Lemon Pledge is literally lemon and mint scent, and while it may be an artificial scent, that doesn't carry over to the taste, so it's really nothing to be worried about. It has a very in-your-face aroma, and can scent a room if left open for too long.  

Pure can be packed in two different ways, depending on your preference...

How do we pack Pure?

There are two ways to go about packing Pure. We're going to show you both ways, and talk a little bit about why one may be better for different individuals versus the other. Both will work perfectly, and won't change the flavor. We'll be using the same bowl and the same coals for both sessions.


The Fluff Pack

Here you can see Pure in a fluff pack in the Goodfella V3, in preparation for use with the Kaloud Lotus. To do a fluff pack with Pure, all you need to do is take the shisha between two fingers, and just separate it and sprinkle it into the bowl, slightly above the rim so that it makes solid contact with the Lotus. With a fluff pack, you'll still get crisp, fresh flavor, it just won't last as long. With a pack like this, you can expect to smoke for one round of coals, two rounds max. This is great for those of you (like me) who like to smoke one round of coals and switch flavors regularly.










The Semi-Dense Pack

Here you can see Pure in a semi-dense pack, also in the Goodfella V3, and also for use with the Kaloud Lotus. To do a semi-dense pack, you'll do basically the same thing as what you did with the fluff pack, but you'll want to pat down the shisha a little bit, and pack a bit more into the bowl. Make sure it's high enough to touch the Lotus, and that it has proper airflow. You don't want to pack it too dense, or else you'll have shisha that isn't getting cooked properly because heat is unable to get to all of the shisha. Now again, with a semi-dense pack, you can expect the flavor to be nice and crisp, but the difference here is that this bowl could be pushed to three rounds of coals, maybe even four depending on what bowl you use.


The Verdict?

Pure did a killer job with this. It doesn't taste like Lemon Pledge at all, rather, it tastes like a nice, natural lemon flavor, with a slight cooling aspect. It's a very light and pleasant smoke, and I've burned through a 250g in a little over a week. I do wish that the cooling aspect was bumped up a little more than it is, but that can easily be remedied by adding in a pinch of FML Green, or whatever your favorite mint flavor may be. This flavor definitely lived up the hype, and if you're a fan of other Lemon Mint flavors, this is something you simply can't skip over. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop them in the comments below, and I'll be happy to help as best I can. Thanks for reading, as always, and happy smokes!

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