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Hey folks! Welcome to another weekly blog post here at B2Hookah. Today we're going to be covering another of our favorite Pure flavors - Pure Fresh Mint. Pure is a relatively newer brand, emerging in 2014 to the wider market. They quickly gained popularity for their "FML" flavor, currently known as FML Green, which, at the time, was the mintiest mint on the market, to the point that some couldn't even smoke it as a standalone flavor - but it was a phenomenal mixer. "Fresh Mint" is the little brother to FML, as it takes many of the flavor aspects of FML, while losing the overkill cooling aspect.

IMG_0620The Cut

Pure is probably the best example of what a modern shisha tobacco looks like - light in color, a honey binder, and pretty finely chopped. Pure is very easy to pack because of how finely chopped it is.

Fresh Mint has a very unique smell, unlike that of most mint flavors on the market. It's a very earthy mint, reminiscent of that of a real mint leaf, with light undertones of a eucalyptus aroma. The mint seems to hit you right in the nostrils, and will easily clear your sinuses. It almost smells like a peppermint aroma is in there as well, but it's faint, if anything.

The PackIMG_0623

When I pack Pure, I generally prefer to fluff the shisha into the the bowl, then lightly pat it down so that it's either level with the rim, if I'm using a Heat Management Device, or just below the rim, if I'm using foil. It smokes best at a happy medium between a semi-dense pack and a fluff pack. Today I'm using the Goodfella V3 bowl with a HMD.

The flavor tastes very similar to how it smells... though not exact. The peppermint aspect that can be smelled is not present in the flavor at all. The earthy mint is the forefront of the flavor, with those subtly eucalyptus notes peeking through. The flavor is very cooling for the first twenty minutes or so, and is a delightful and refreshing flavor. After the first twenty minutes or so pass, the cooling aspect starts to die, becoming almost completely non-existent by the forty minute mark. At that point, the mint and the eucalyptus notes are all that are present. While this isn't a bad flavor on its own, it's not a particularly flavorful smoke. That being said, this flavor is a spectacular mixer. It compliments fruit flavors extremely well, without overpowering them.



As a standalone flavor, this isn't fantastic. It's good, but it's not mind-blowing in any way. As a mixer? Phenomenal. One of my absolute favorite mixing mints, and this is coming from someone that has tried just about every mint flavor on the market. Since it's not as powerful as FML, you can mix it in for more of a mint flavor than a cooling aspect, which goes spectacularly with fruit flavors. Overall, if you're looking for a mixing mint, this is what you need to be looking at. If you want a standalone mint flavor? I would probably pass on this. You can pick it up over at B2 Hookah, 5starhookah,Hookah-Shisha in a 250g for $18.99. As always, thanks so much for reading, and happy smokes!

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