The B2 Hookah Tray - A Modern Marvel

Hello again, and welcome to the B2 Hookah blog. Today, we aren't going to have our normal blog post. Rather, we thought we should show you the innovation and beauty that is the B2 Hookah tray.


The B2 tray has seen a lot of innovation from the first version.

We made the tray a more traditional style, with raised edges.


Next, we made the top layer of the B2 tray split.

You'll notice that half of the design features a web-like design to it, one that holds your coals and allows air to flow underneath them, preventing them from blacking out on the bottom.

This also prevents your tray, and thus your stem, from heating up from putting a coal on them.


The other half of the tray features a more traditional style, which allows you to put your coals on the base of the tray, as you would with any tray.

We felt it was important for our customers to have options, so we included the best of both worlds.

The B2 tray also features a wide, 1.8-inch opening, so it will fit on any hookah with ease.

It's specifically made so that it locks onto your B2 stem as well, meaning that it won't rattle with ease.

We are now proud to announce that the B2 Hookah tray can be found on two of our favorite major vendors - HookahJohn, and 5StarHookah.

A big thanks to John for his video showcasing our tray! You can watch it here:

The tray is currently available in Blue Charcoal and Silver from both vendors, but stay tuned for the next batch release when new colors will be made available!

The B2 Hookah tray is true innovation, and is a piece that will look fantastic on any hookah.

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