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Also known as argileh, shisha, goza, hubble-bubble, or narghile a hookah is a small portable item with an oriental tobacco pipe and an extended, rubbery tube which draws the smoke through water placed in a sealed bowl. I believe most things can be said in a few lines. - Enzo Ferrari Use of hookahs A significant number of entertainment joints stock hookahs for renting, yet when it comes to fun and enjoyment nothing beats owning your own hookah and smoking it graceful within the confines of your home at your own convenience. Most standard hookahs are harder to clean, tend to poorly defuse the heat and produce coarse usually stingy smoke that easily degenerates in quality and taste something that the B2 Hookah™ have been able to upscale and refine for efficiency purposes. B2 Hookah™ Based in Los Angeles, California B2 Hookah™ is a firm that has revolutionized the design, functionality and the standard of performance of hookahs. With a small design and conceptual team the company has a continual commitment to improve hookah designs giving them good modularity, ensuring they produce smooth thick smoke, have unique ways of defusing the heat factors and are definitely easy to clean and maintain. Efficiency is the call word as they have adopted the style, design, functionality and simplicity of the B-2 technology from the aerospace design to deliver an easy to use, lighter hookahs and eliminated the basic problems of the standard hookah designs. Functionalities of a B2 hookah With a smoothness that has a touch of elegance and an anodized plating of top class quality the overall design in a masterpiece, featuring similar and reciprocal dimensions based on 30 degrees ratio. This B2 innovation has a unique threading system that allows for effective multiple usages that protects the subsequent taste and quality from precipitously declining after the first use. With a single turn of the thread you can increase or decrease the size of your travel kit. These modern state-of-the-art hookahs have a modularity that ranges up to 6 sizes and an additional down stem of 7’ ensuring the options in your hands are sufficient for your preferences and enjoyment. Components of a B2 Hookahs The B2 has a self-cool function which allows air to cool it through the metals. This new model hookah consists of a top piece, body (set of 2), base, purge valve, hose valve, and a B2 7" and 9" stem. It also has a silicone hose with the B2 Hose, clay bowl and 2 set B2 trays. To sustain the quality of smoke and taste a simple cleaning procedure is required for the B2 hookah which is well-detailed in the instructional manual. Other B2 Innovations The talented design team at B2 Hookah™ have also made unique additional features and designs including a B2 metal hose, a B2 tray and B2 tongs to work alongside the B2 hookah. Check out the different designs and components of the B2 hookah on this site and email us for more inquiries.
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