B2 8.5" Downstem with Diffuser Threading

Color: Rose Gold
Sale price$19.99


Due to many requests, we have decided to make longer downstems for people who want to use trumpet and diverse base styles. This is a 8.5" /- downstem to fit your B2 Stem and be used on bases which have more room and would potentially need less water.

This stem also comes with the diffuser threading so you can add your diffuser to create a stem of 9.25" and silence the water.

We are also selling the diffuser piece separately, so please check out our website under B2 Accessories.

Total Length: 9" +/-
Length when threaded: 8.5" +/-
Length with Diffuser: 9.25" +/-



B2 Long Stem

8.5" in length when threaded to the B2 Heart piece.

Perfect for Trumpet Style Bases or other styles with longer necks.

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