B2 Furca - B2 Fork - Stainless Steel Oyster Fork

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This new version has a curved surface where the 4 ends lay. This change allows for a better pack and easier pick up of flavor.

Tired of the mess of packing? The B2 Furca or Fork is going to solve that problem. We have designed a stainless steel fork with 4 ends to help mix and grab your flavors during a pack. Sort of like your typical oyster fork, but even better!

This fork is around 5" in length so it is perfect to keep around your flavors. The width is the perfect size to get through the edges of all sorts of bowls, whether you use an Egyptian clay bowl or a funnel, the width allows you to pack evenly. Mix, scoop, and pack!


Dimensions: 5" x .75"
Material: Stainless Steel

B2 Furca Fork - Stainless Steel Oyster Fork

No more messy packs! Use the B2 Furca to get your flavors out, mixed, and packed!

Mix, Scoop, and Pack!

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