B2-Hookah F-22 Orb Pixie Dust, a Precious Cut Collection Resin & Burl Wood

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B2-Hookah F-22 Orb Pixie Dust, a Precious Cut Collection Resin & Burl Wood

B2 Hookah® F-22™

It's that time again - we present to you, the B2 Hookah® F-22™. The F-22™ is our newest model of medium to large hookahs. It comes with the same quality material and build as the B2 Hookah v2, however at a much more affordable target price. We wanted to design a pipe that would be affordable, yet maintain all the high quality standards that our team believes in.

The Process

The F-22™ was created to be a household name. Designed in Los Angeles, California, the F-22™ is a modular pipe made out of domestic aerospace 6061 aluminum alloy. We continue to use aluminum because of all its positive characteristics. Once finalized on the CNC machines, we take all of our parts to our local anodizing company.

Depending on the size of the batch, the color options available, and time frame, we will decide on the finalized colors and wait for them to deliver the products back. We then take the anodized parts, and begin assembling and packaging the B2 F-22™.

What is Different

We took all the positive feedback from the making of the B2 v2 and applied them to the design of the F-22™. It comes with a wide gauge, allowing for an optimal open draw. Because of how well received our prior threading system was on the B2 V2, we decided to implement that in the F-22™ as well. Now, let's talk about the purge. The F-22™ purge system is a unique horizontal purge. This system allows for the smoke to be exhaled outwards from the side of the heart piece, creating a beautiful layered cloud.

We continued the design of our tray system from our previous models, with the same diameter, you are able to use multiple design styles on the hookah. Of course, we recommend using the F-22™ Tray because they were designed for the actual stem. A simple round aluminum tray with a matching color, how can you go wrong?

What else

All of the pieces of the F-22™ disassemble for an easy cleaning session. The F-22 comes with 4 total pieces which screw together creating 1 solid pipe. We have the body piece, tray holder piece, the heart, and the down stem. We recommend you unscrew each piece, and rinse prior to any session or storage. Although anodized aluminum is very resistant to water corrosion, we always recommend you keep the items as dry as possible because in the end, water can damage anything in this world.

The down stem comes with the same threaded piece as our previous B2® models, allowing you to add an additional diffuser to silent your rumbling. This item can be purchased separately.

B2® F-22™ Details:

    • Design, Developed, Manufactured & Packaged locally in Los Angeles, CA – USA
    • Domestic Materials
    • 6061 Aerospace Grade Aluminum
    • Aerospace CNC Machined
    • Aerospace Anodization
    • Modular Pieces
    • Multi-use with different accessories which will be available
    • Minimal ghosting
    • Easy disassembly for quick cleaning

Items included:

1 F-22 Tray piece
1 F-22 Top Body piece
1 F-22 Bottom Body piece
1 Orb Resin with Wood (1 of 1 Hand Artistry)
1 F-22 Heart piece
1 F-22 Down stem piece
1 F-22 Tray
1 Matching Vase


Total Height: 21.75" +/-
Maximum Width: 3" +/-
Tray Dimensions: 10" Diameter

Handmade Disclaimer:

All of our hookahs from the Precious Cut Collection™ are individually hand crafted, they are one of a kind creations and not factory manufactured. As a result they will have subtle variations in the wood as well as other parts. Please be aware that wood naturally has defects. No two blanks are the same. There may be knots, wood grain, cracks, missing chunks, and other imperfections in your wood. Some reclaimed woods may have larger dents, missing chunks, chips, and other natural occurring characteristics. We believe these things are what makes our items unique and beautiful.

Our products should be used outdoors temporarily, or kept indoors or under controlled environments. Refrain from keeping them under the sun over extended periods of time, this will cause the wood to fade or crack from the temperature.

We suggest that you lightly clean and quickly dry your Precious Cut piece, wood does not do well with moisture. (see FAQ for more detail.)

All PCC items are hand crafted and polished, there may be minor chips, smudges, imperfections of polyurethane, or polishing compound; this adds to the handmade character of each piece. If you would like a more perfect piece with no imperfections, please take a look at our aluminum or stainless steel B2® stems.

When receiving your item, you might see polishing compound, either in white or brown, this should rub off over time. If it does not rub off, we do NOT recommend scraping it off.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with us via email at sales@b2hookah.com.

  • Available in a variety of different colors
  • Large Purge & Hose valves, creating a smooth experience
  • Unique Purge exhaust


B2-Hookah F-22 Orb Pixie Dust, a Precious Cut Collection Resin & Burl Wood (VASE INCLUDED)

Limited Quantities Made.

Precious Cut Collection Pixie Dust ™Orb -  Each piece is 1 of 1, no two Precious Cut Collections™ are the same. We have created a mixture of wood colors as well as resin color compounds. Each piece is individually designed, lathed, sanded, and polished to its beauty.

What's Included:

1 F-22 Tray piece
1 F-22 Top Body piece
1 F-22 Bottom Body piece
1 Orb Resin with Wood (1 of 1 Hand Artistry)
1 F-22 Heart piece
1 F-22 Down stem piece
1 F-22 Tray
1 Vase

Each Precious Cut Collection™ will come with the PCC™ logo and serial number.



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