B2 Hookah F-22 Replacement O-rings (Set of 2)

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Need replacement O-rings for your F-22? You can purchase your next set here, or have some extra ones for back up.

These silicone o-rings are a perfect fit for your F-22. They are the original o-rings which come with the F-22 Hookah.

Why we use Silicone?

Silicones have good heat resistance up to 450°F (232°C), good cold flexibility down to –75°F (–59°C) and good ozone and weather resistance as well as good insulating and physiologically neutral properties.

Heat resistance

  • Up to approximately 400°F (204°C) (special compounds up to 450°F (232°C)).

Cold flexibility

  • Down to approximately –75°F to –65°F (–59°C to –54°C) with special compounds down to –175°F (–115°C).
  • Replacement Silicone O-rings for B2 Hookah F-22

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