B2 Hookah SS-Inox v2 - Premier Hookah Lounge & Personal Stainless Steel Hookah

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Color: Stainless Steel
Include Vase: Yes
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B2 Hookah SS-Inox™ v2

The long-awaited SS-Inox™v2 by B2 Hookah® proudly marks the debut of the v2 Stainless Steel Hookah. After months of meticulous development, this exceptional pipe is now ready for purchase. Our objective with this model was straightforward: elevate material quality while upholding the core B2® value - exceptional performance. We also removed a few labor extensive steps from our previous model to provide a much more competitive price for today’s market!

The Process

As with all our offerings, the B2 SS-Inox™v2 was conceived in Los Angeles, CA. Its primary objective was to introduce Stainless Steel into our lineup of models with a shorter height than the previous models. We initiated this journey with a minimalist design, conscious of the fact that sourcing stainless steel would entail higher costs. Indeed, the SS-Inox™ proudly features a full 304 stainless steel build excluding the aluminum hose handle.

What Sets It Apart?

The B2 Hookah SS-Inox v2 introduces several notable enhancements compared to its predecessor. Firstly, the most apparent difference lies in its overall height. The SS-Inox v2 stands at a modest 8" once it's assembled with the heart and tray top, making it considerably shorter. This design allows it to comfortably grace tabletops in lounges, in contrast to the average height of 20" to 23", depending on the vase used.

Another significant alteration is the tray. We opted for a sleek stainless-steel tray without any additional fins or components. This change significantly reduced production costs, enabling us to offer this masterpiece at a highly competitive price point.

Additionally, the hose insert has undergone an improvement, aligning with the design of our latest B2 models. Featuring double o-ring inserts in a cylinder shape, this enhancement has garnered praise from our customers for its smoothness and secure hose fit.

In the v2 model, we've revamped the purge mechanism to enhance both its aesthetics and performance, delivering a more elegant and seamless operation.

Furthermore, even the heart has undergone a subtle exterior makeover, with fewer chamfers on the edges. The overall surface and finish of the v2 are noticeably cleaner, ensuring that our clients will delight in this epic version! 

What’s Included

The B2 Hookah SS-Inox™v2 includes the stem, tray, and hose. For all Pre-Orders, there's an opportunity to include a vase with their purchase at a reduced rate.

  • Top Piece
  • Tray
  • Body
  • Heart
  • Downstem
  • Diffuser
  • B2 Hose
  • Carrying Case
  • Instruction Page
  • Vase (Additional - We will match the vases as best as we can with the supply and stock we have available. Contact us with any questions.)

Pre-Order Shipping

Pre-Orders ship out within 2 days of your order!


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