B2 Hookah Tank - Hookah Molasses Catcher

Color: Silver
Sale price$99.99


The B2 Hookah Tank is B2 Hookah's latest accessory. Famous in the European market, a molasses catcher is used to catch all excess juice and glycerin which will drip from the bowl. We have designed the molasses catcher to make sure that your hookah draw is not effected by this contraption. We have designed large holes and created an excellent airflow, making sure the drip stays in its designed area.

We suggest that you clean your B2 Tank prior to any additional bowls. Although, it has plenty of room for juice, we do not recommend more than 1 bowl per session.

What pipes can this fit on the B2 Tank?

We have decided to make the B2 Hookah Tank a universal product. Meaning, you can fit this on almost all standard hookahs. We have provided 1 grommet with the hookah, however, you will probably still need another grommet for your bowl.

How do I clean the B2 Tank?

We recommend you clean the B2 Tank with hot water. If you wish to use soap, please make sure the soap is chemical free. Some chemicals will discolor your anodize. We DO NOT recommend dishwashing any of our anodized products. Most detergents will have chemicals which can dissolve the anodize colors, including OXI CLEAN™ products.

Will the B2 Tank be hot when using it?

The B2 Hookah Tank can get extremely hot, please handle carefully. Depending on the bowl and the heat intensity, please allow some cool time for the B2 Hookah Tank.

Bowl preference? Is there a specific preference for what bowl to use?

Molasses catchers like the B2 Hookah Tank can be used with any type of bowl. For maximum juice catching, Egyptian bowls are recommended.

What is the point of catching the juice?

The main point or points for the B2 Hookah Tank is to grab any excess juice which can drip through your pipe, threading and vase. Although, we recommend cleaning your pipe after every session, the B2 Tank can help add some more run time on cleaning the water in your vase. Sometimes the juice which drip down the pipe can also change the taste of your session. The B2 Hookah Tank will prevent this.


Height: 3"
Width: 2" Round

First American made hookah molasses catcher, the B2 Hookah Tank Juice Catcher

Catch the excess juice, glycerin, or molasses which drips down your hookah bowl into your pipe and water.

Recommended to clean after every session.


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