B2 Hookah Turbine Tray - 3 Piece Turbine Tray to Fit the Original B2, F-22, and Reaper.

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The long awaited B2 Turbine Tray. This tray was inspired by the B2 SS-Inox tray which we had recently designed. Due to popular demand, we designed a limited run for the regular B2 owners.

This tray is a masterpiece. Made with 3 separate parts, you have the lip which is bolted down to the fins with 8 Stainless Steel 304 Hex screws. Thus, creating a 2 part tray where you can remove the top piece for easy cleaning.

How is it made?

We begin with 3 laser cut pieces. Each piece is ran through a thorough time-saver, creating a super fine brush feel. Once done, we begin hand bending each fin, there are 27 fins per tray. Each of these fins are hand bent to create the turbine look. Now, all three pieces head to the anodizer. The anodizer begins the process of washing and creating its bright dip look. Once received from the anodizer, we begin the hand assembly.

Each Fin tray and Lip Tray has 8 hole which need to be hand tapped, meaning, they will be drilled so that the screws can bolt on. We begin assemble of 8 screws per set. Once completed, they will be packaged in their own box with foam layers to prevent scratches.

What pipes can I use this for?

The B2 Turbine is made for all previous B2 models like the v2, v3, F-22, and B2 Reaper. The circle opening is 1.84"+ in diameter. Fitting majority of our manufactured pipes.

Will this be made again?

Due to its extensive assembly, these trays will probably not see production for a while. The hand bending and assemble takes a toll on our team. Until we figure out a better way of doing it, this will be a very limited run.

The B2 Hookah Turbine Tray

3 Piece Tray bolted with Stainless Steel Hex bolts.

27 Fins

Hand Assembled

Made in USA

Anodized to match your favorite color scheme.

Limited Quantities Available



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