B2 Hose In-Stock!

Color: Black
Hose Insert Style: Long Single O-Ring
Sale price$49.99


The B2 Metal Hose is a simplistic design made out of the quality Aluminum and a food grade silicone hose. The metal tip is 16” in length and has chamfered edges to fit perfectly into any hose. The hose tip is created specifically for the B2 Hookah, the hose comes with a plastic O-ring which will fit inside most B2 v3, B2 F-22, B2 Reaper, and B2 SS-Inox hose ports. We have added a coil spring around the end to make sure that there is no kinking on the silicone.

Black, Gold, Red, Blue, Rose Gold & Brite Silver

5′ Food Grade Silicone Tubing
1″ Metal Hose Tip (Choose from the variations.)
Coil Spring

B2 Hose v2

The B2 Hose Colors - Available in Gold, Black, Red, Blue, Rose Gold & Brite Silver.
The B2 Metal Hose, perfect size and weight for the perfect smoke. Simple and efficient, made with food grade silicone and Aluminum. Perfect with the B2 Hookah, B2 F-22, B2 Reaper, B2 SS-Inox or any other hookah you have.

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