B2 Poker - Hookah Foil Poker

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Our pokers speak for themselves. With a 3D design of our logo, our B2 foil poker sits on an average of 5.5" - 6" in height. With the perfect diameter for the hole size, these things make it very easy to get your hole patterns perfect! We have given it some length to allow for usage of cleaning your bowls or getting that piece that fell inside your bowl, out!

The logo is covered with a light clear coat to help and strengthen the piece from breaking or cracking.

Dimensions: 5" - 6"
Thickness: .06"

 The B2 Poker, excellent for poking your foil holes, moving charcoal around in HMD's, or getting extra flavor out of the bowl. This is an elegant piece of art to set with your next B2 Hookah purchase.

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