Clear Mya Large Base Grommet

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This clear large grommet is perfect to use for any large size male hookah stem. Meaning, if your stem needs to fit inside the glass, this is the grommet you use. Depending on the glass size and size of the stem diameter, this Mya large clear base grommet is perfect for large stem diameters and narrow glass inner diameters. We recommend these for any B2's on glass which is 1.7" opening. They create a tight fit and will close any air leaks.

Mya Large Clear Hookah Grommet

This is perfect if you are having a hard time finding a thinner grommet. Some larger vases are very tight near the inner diameter which becomes a headache when looking for a grommet. This grommet is made out of heavy duty rubber and has a very wide elasticity, so you can put place it over your steam and tightly fit it to any drop in hookah base.

These pair excellent with all Craft, Hoob, or Russian bases and the F-22 or B2 v2.

  • All Large Drop in hookah bases - B2 v2, B2 F-22
  • Smaller Bases for travel hookahs - B2 Reaper.


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