Cookies Shisha Tobacco - Hookah Flavor by Cookies

Flavor: Pink Rozay
Sale price$17.99


Cookies Shisha Tobacco is here. After doing research and noticing the void of unique flavors in the market, Cookies has come out with 10+ flavors of some interesting combinations of flavors.

 Each flavor comes in 100g pouches.

Pink Rozay - Floral and Bright
Georgia Pie - Peach Cobbler, Juicy, and Crumbly
Sweet Tea - Big jug of Sweet Tea
Grenadine - Cherry, Pomegranate & Sweet
Berry Pie - Berries, Cream, Cake & Icing
Cereal Milk - Fruity, Creamy Cereal
Sticky Buns - Cinnamon, Sweet, Vanilla & Icing
Gelatti - Creamy, Gelato, Berries & Frozen Treat
London Pound - Cake, Milk, Lemongrass, Blueberry & Mint
London Chello - Sweet Berries, Lemon, & Tang

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