Cube-i-Coals Heat Mangement Device for Charcoal Use with Foil

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The new way of smoking, Cube-i-Coals are 4 single catchments made out of Stainless Steel which will be placed on top of your foiled bowl. Depending on your heat requirement you can choose 1,2,3, or 4 Cube-i-Coals for your session. The Cube-i-Coals work as an Heat Management Device creating a refreshing smoke without the charcoal taste. With multiple pros for usage, Cube-i-Coals is an American based company looking to improve sessions for the industry.


The new and refreshing way to smoke your hookah!

Start tasting what you smoke!

The basics

- Wind cover!

- Easy to ash your charcoals with!

- Heat Management Device for hookah!

- Washable!

- Charcoal life lasts longer, which means longer sessions!

- Can balance heat level for your hookah bowl without overcooking!

- No charcoal/burnt taste!

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