Hooligan Hookah

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Hooligan Hookah

The first of its kind, the Hooligan Hookah, is the first hookah to replicate a baseball bat.  This hookah is heavy and very well built. From Russia, the Hooligan Hookah sets itself apart from its competitors with its unique baseball bat shape.

This hookah is made out of of a stainless steel base with a hard plastic shell. This hookah has a closed chamber and will fit most larger bases considering you put the correct grommet.

The unique purge is integrated within the base of the hookah and will blow outwards in all directions when blown out.


Hooligan Hookah

(VASE NOT INCLUDED) – Purchase a matching base here

Height – 14 inches

Material – stainless steel

Diameter stem – 10mm

Weight – 8.8 lb

Manufacture – Russia

Comes with:

– stem

– tray

– mouthpiece with connector

– silicone hose

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