Kaloud Lotus III - Aluminum Heat Management Device

Color: Auris Gold
Sale price$79.99


When it comes to hookah, we know you want the best of the best. That's why we've designed the Kaloud Lotus III: a premium quality shisha smoker that won't break the bank. This durable aluminum unit is sleek, stylish, and easy to use. Built-in handles for the lid and base make for easy rotation, perfect heat management, and the removal of the Lotus III from your Samsaris or other hookah bowl.

  • The Kaloud Lotus III® is the ultimate hookah experience. Our high quality, hand-crafted hookahs use a patented technology that offers a better smoking experience than traditional hookahs. You can finally be proud to show off your hookah.

  • The Lotus III is a revolutionary new way to enjoy tobacco. With its patented heat management technology, the Lotus III provides unprecedented safety and consistent flavor.

  • Soothing, powerful, and surprisingly beautiful, the Kaloud Lotus III is the evolution of natural convection vaporization. Kaloud's proprietary process results in a color that is unmatched in the industry and allows us to offer a lifetime warranty.


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