Kaloud Lotus III - Stainless Steel Heat Management Device

Color: Argis + Niris (Silver + Black)
Sale price$99.99


Looking to finally upgrade that old hookah? Look no further! Our Kaloud Lotus III is an affordable, high-quality smoking set that's designed to last. With a sleek, modern design and durable stainless steel construction, this hookah is perfect for both experienced and new smokers alike.

  • The Kaloud Lotus III® is an innovative hookah that offers a smoother and more personalized smoking experience. It removes the drawbacks of traditional hookahs and provides a quality smoking experience for years to come. The patented technology ensures that this beautiful hookah lasts longer, is easier to use, and improves the flavor of your smoke.

  • The Kaloud Lotus III is the world's most advanced heat management device. With patented heat management technology, the Lotus III provides unprecedented safety and consistent flavor. It is fireproof, leaves zero residue, and never burns your tobacco. The Lotus III is made of only the highest quality materials and it's backed by a lifetime warranty!

  • Soothing, powerful, and surprisingly beautiful, the Kaloud Lotus III is the evolution of natural convection vaporization. Kaloud's proprietary process results in a color that is unmatched in the industry and allows us to offer a lifetime warranty.


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