Telfon Replacement Purge Balls for the B2 F-22 Hookah (Set of 2)

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Teflon Replacement Purge Balls (Set of 2)

Want to remove the noise of your F-22 purge? This is the route to go. These teflon purge balls will making purging your F-22 effortless. You must remove your rubber O-rings safely, making sure you do not puncture them and replace your Stainless Steel balls with the teflon ones. One ball in each hole. One they are in place, place your O-rings into each hole and slowly push them into their grooves.

Polytetrafluoroethylene is a high molecular weight compound consisting of carbon and fluorine. It is dense and has an extremely low coefficient of friction. It has excellent dielectric and chemical resistant properties along with a much higher melting temperature than most other conventional plastics making it ideal for high heat applications. However it is relatively soft and as a result has low mechanical properties compared to other industrial type plastic materials. Common uses include: non-stick coatings, gears, slide plates, bearings and ball valves.

What is the difference with Delrin vs Teflon? Teflon weighs just a tad bit more, allowing for the balls to fall back down a bit faster and better. We find that teflon works a bit better however they are a bit more expensive.
Specific Gravity
2.10-2.20 g/cc
Heat Deflection Temperature
248 F / 120 C
Hardness, Shore
Coefficient of Friction
Tensile Strength
2990-4970 psi
Water Absorption
24 hr .01%
Flexural Strength
2490 psi
Dielectric Constant
Melting Point
621 F / 327 C

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