Trifecta Tobacco Shisha Dark Blend - Hookah Flavor by Trifecta 250g

Flavor: Apple Pie
Sale price$18.99


Known for its unique flavors, Trifecta Tobacco Shisha brings a mix of full-bodied cut French Virginia tobacco leave and molasses. Its blonde leaf tobacco creates an excellent smoking experience with a list of unique combinations of fruits and memorable tastes. Its accuracy for flavor, smoke output, and easy packing methods make Trifecta tobacco a great brand to follow and use. The blonde leaf has a medium cut and is undyed tobacco. Since 2015, Trifecta Tobacco has been creating unique flavor combinations for all enthusiasts. We are proud to present their flavors, all flavors come in 250 jars, either plastic or aluminum tin.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Choose your favorite Trifecta Shisha Tobacco.

Comes in 250 gram plastic jars, each flavor will be individually sealed and wrapped to guarantee your freshness.

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