UrbBowls Pyra Bridge Hookah Bowls - Shisha Flavor Bowl

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UrbBowls Pyra Hookah Bowls


One of their larger size bowls, the UrbBowls Pyra hookah bowl sits tall with an amazing medium session size capacity. The Pyra bowl will give you sessions from 1 hour to 2 hours. The Pyra has amazing heat retention and burns very evenly!


UrbBowls are thrown right here in Los Angeles, USA. All pieces are made by hands using a proprietary mix of food grade clay and glaze. Each bowl is specific to size, capacity, type of tobacco, and longevity. UrbBowls have listened to the enthusiasts and have created a bowl for every type of hookah smoker. Whether you are smoking Starbuzz blonde leaf tobacco or want to switch gears and smoke some dark Tangiers tobacco, they have the bowl for you.


UrbBowls Pyra Hookah Bowls
Height = 4 1/8 inch
Weight Empty = 317 gr
Weight Dark = 340.50 gr
Weight Blonde = 330 gr
Style = Funnel
Charcoals = Preferred Flats, Cubes, Natural, and Mini's.
HMD Compatible = Yes
Provost Compatible = Yes
Heat Retention = High
Suggested Tobacco = Blonde, Dark

*All measurements and descriptions are based on an average and will vary per product due to the nature of their hand production.

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