Urth Tree Tobacco Free Nicotine Free Herbal Shisha - 250g

Flavor: Banan
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Urth Tree is a sister company of the famous Cocourth Charcoal. With over 3 years of testing, Urth Tree has began its ventures in the herbal shisha industry. All flavors contain 0% tobacco and 0% nicotine. Yes, you heard it right, these are tobacco-less flavors but with a punch! B2 Hookah had the honor in collaborating with Urth Tree in Shisha Messe 2019 - Frankfurt, Germany. We have had experience with this shisha from day 1, and it is amazing! You will get the same great flavors and performance you get with your other flavors, however, Urth Tree does not contain any tobacco or nicotine.

What's in it you ask?

Natural Dried Apples - 100% all natural, GMP+ Kosher certified dried apples.
Glycerin - 100% all natural, vegetable based, USP Kosher certified glycerin.
Molasses - Food grade fruit extract syrup sourced from top ISO certified manufacturers in the U.S.
Flavoring - US FDA compliant, Fema G.R.A.S list.

Are these flavors mixable?

Yes, all these flavors are 100% mixable and can be used alone. We have a bunch of mixes we have tried and can recommend, just message our team and we will assist you.

How long does it last?

Urth Tree is identical to any other shisha you use. Depending on your packing method and heat management, you can enjoy Urth Tree from 45 minutes to 2 hours+.

What bowl do I need to pack in?

You can pack Urth Tree in any kind of bowl. Egyptian, Funnel, Apple on Top, Lotus, and more...

Is Urth Tree 100% Nicotine and Tobacco Free?

Yes, Urth tree is 100% Nicotine and Tobacco Free.

Flavors Available:

Applicious - The flavor that started it all. We all remember the first time we tried a nargile and the flavor was Apple, or Double Apple. This apple is the actual flavor of apple with a touch of licorice and anise.
Banan -
An exotic flavor, not a lot of bananas out there but the Urth Tree Banan is one for the books!
Chil' Em
- Wait, Chile? Lime? Spice? Sweet? Yes, and yes... Chil'em is an explosion of tangy and sweet!
Grepfrut - Looking for that ripe Grapefruit? This is the perfect mixer and does really well on its own. 
GrepMnt -
Another classic flavor, the Grape and Mint - perfect blend of white/green grapes and fresh mint.
Gum Mnt -
Who else loves Spearmint gum? I know we do, this is the perfect balance of gum and mint.
Heaven's Berri - A mix of Blackberry, Raspberry, & Blueberry. This is a long lasting flavor with huge clouds!
Lmn Mnt - A classic flavor, Lemon and Mint. The perfect tartness and coolness by the mint.
Mngo -
For all the tropical flavor lovers, this is one which you will appreciate. Mango is a difficult flavor to replica, but Urth Tree did a great job with this one!
Peachai - This is a sweet, refreshing, peachy flavor, with hints of spices like cinnamon and chai. Perfect flavor for the summer nights!
Spiky Pine - One of my favorites, the Spiky Pine is a Pineapple flavor that is fresh and sweet. An extreme burst of flavor in your mouth with your first pull.
Stachio De Crm - Want a milky, creamy flavor with some nuttiness? The Pistachio in this flavor is amazing and has a dash of creaminess. A must try!
Straberri - A fruity strawberry with some hints of sweet, tart, and smokiness.
Twisted Mnt - A mix of mints creating this super cool, minty, fresh smoke. A must have for all mixes.
Wata Mln - An extremely difficult flavor to obtain, but Urth Tree does a great job to bring the watermelon out! As a refulst, a perfect summer flavor, fresh Watermelon.
Yummi Gummi - The perfect gummy bear mixes in one flavor, oh did I forget to say that there is a dash of mint in it?

00% Tobacco 100% Nicotine Free

Urth Tree is a great alternative for non-tobacco users. These flavors create the clouds for the cloud chasers and also taste amazing! Lots of flavors to choose from whether you want to enjoy them alone or as mixers. 250 grams per jar, each flavor is vacuum sealed to guarantee freshness!

How to use?

Pack it exactly how you would pack other flavors, a little under the rim with foil or any Heat Management Device. It will take a few minutes until it heats up to begin its full potential.

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