Lavoo Tobacco "Dark Mint" Review

Hello once again, and welcome to another B2 Hookah blog post. Today, I'm bringing you guys a review on a newer tobacco brand to the market - Lavoo Tobacco. Lavoo is a brand that is pretty well known for its high quality glass hookahs. They've been around for a while now, and many people swear by their Lavoo hookahs (which are damn beautiful pipes). Now Lavoo has branched off into tobacco, bringing the same high quality that they show in their hookahs into their tobacco. The flavor in question for today is "Dark Mint", and as I'm a huge mint fanatic, needless to say, I'm very excited to be bringing this review to you today. Without further ado, let's get into it!



Packaging isn't really something I'll normally cover in a review, but I wanted to take a moment to appreciate the thoughtful packaging behind the Lavoo Tobacco. It's a clean plastic container, with a nice extra removable layer that keeps the tobacco sealed. There's no extra plastic baggie either, which honestly is a nice break from the norm. Right when you open it, you can tell that Lavoo put time and thought into their packaging, which is certainly nice. It's the little things, right?



The cut on Lavoo is very unique. It's insanely finely chopped, probably being even finer than Tangiers Noir line. There's also little to no excess juice, regardless of how much you stir your container. The leaves at the bottom may be slightly more covered than those of the top, but regardless, there's still not much more by any standard. That makes this one of the driest brands on the market, rivaling that of Nakhla.

Right away, you'll smell a deep and rich peppermint smell. It's not quite as bright and clean as something like Trifecta Tobacco's "Twice the Ice" flavor, but rather, it smells a little dark, almost like the mint aspect of a peppermint patty. It's not a very sweet peppermint, more on the bitter side. It's also not an extremely strong smell, but that does not translate into the smoke.



Here you can see how I have the Lavoo Tobacco packed in my Mason Onyx bowl (one of my absolute favorite bowls on the market at this point in time). Because of how finely chopped it is, I generally just let it fall into the bowl, just above the lip, then lightly pat it down so that the tobacco is level with the spire of the bowl, maybe a quarters width under the lip. Put on the Kaloud Lotus, three Cocourth coals, and let it heat up before you start smoking.

Right away, you'll get that same rich peppermint flavor. Just like the smell, it's not a very bright and clean peppermint. Rather, it tastes like a nice and bitter peppermint flavor, and smokes extremely smooth. There's also a very pleasant cooling effect to the smoke. It's not overkill, or a "super mint" by any standard. Instead, it's just present, and gives you the cooling aspect that you would come to expect when smoking a mint flavor. Sadly, the cooling aspect dies around the 45 minute mark, just leaving a dark and bitter peppermint flavor, which isn't bad by any means. The flavor itself will last about an hour and a half - one round of cube coals, or two rounds of flats. There's a subtle buzz to Lavoo that'll hit you rather strong right away, and then immediately back down. It's not quite a Tangiers level buzz, but probably around Trifecta Dark Blend in regards to buzz. The smoke itself is also one of the smoothest on the market, provided you manage your heat correctly. There's no aspect of a throat hit to the flavor, something that is much appreciated.



Overall, Lavoo has definitely impressed me with their new line of shisha tobacco. It's a very smooth and pleasant smoke, and definitely something that I'm excited to pack up. I also really enjoy their "Southern Peach" flavor, which you can read about here. While I do think that Lavoo could stand to improve upon their overall flavor longevity, I think they've made a very solid entry into the tobacco market, and out of all of the flavors that I've tried so far I would absolutely recommend to anyone. Dark Mint is a delicious and overall pleasant mint, one that you can smoke on its own, or pack it as a mixer. Supposedly they also have a "Double Dark Mint", to which I'm very excited to try out. Have you tried Lavoo Tobacco? What did you think? Did you agree with my thoughts? Are you excited about this new brand to the market? If so, drop a comment below, and let us know your thoughts! As always, thanks so much for reading, and happy smokes!

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